eDiscovery and Investigations Platform Features

Reveal Data offers a complete eDiscovery platform hosted on global, scalable and secure infrastructure, delivered at a single predictable cost. The subscription includes everything you need for an exceptional eDiscovery experience and to obtain the results you need.

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eDiscovery Processing:

The Reveal eDiscovery processing engine is scalable in an instant to handle the changing needs of a case. It supports more than 900 file types and can detect more than 160 languages automatically.

Early Case Assessment:

Our early case assessment tools allow users to understand what really matters to their case. By organizing and analyzing data prior to review, more than 95% of data processed can be reduced. The tool supports:

  Interactive reporting and investigation

  Contextual and content analytics

  Case mapping

  Motion filings

Early Case Document Viewer - eDiscovery Software from Reveal Data

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NextLP Communication - eDiscovery Software from Reveal Data

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Analytics and TAR:

Understand the merits of your case and drive efficiency through automation by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and TAR.

  Continuous active learning for review automation

  Analysis of context with pattern identification

  Visualization and investigation key themes

  Improvement of privilege logging with alias resolution

  Prioritization of review and quality control

  Workflows tailored to suit evolving case demands

eDiscovery Review:

We offer the right balance of administrative power and intuitive design to ensure an efficient, accurate review, including:

  Anytime, anywhere access

  Advanced search and filtering

  Related document coding

  Integrated active learning workflows

  UI translation for global reviews

  Fully configurable review interface

  Detailed tracking, auditing and permissions

document Review - eDiscovery Software from Reveal Data

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Review Production Export - eDiscovery Software from Reveal Data

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eDiscovery Production:

We help you confidently meet your deadlines and deliver the required results.

  Define production sets

  Build dynamic privilege rules

  Evaluate production candidates

  Suppress out-of-scope documents

  Finalize production results

eDiscovery Hosting:

Reveal offers secure eDiscovery hosting as a SaaS solution, mobile deployment or on-premises, depending on the needs of the case. User data can be securely hosted and supported on multiple continents to comply with GDPR and other local privacy regulations that require data to stay within the region.

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