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eDiscovery Data Processing

Be InControl Everywhere with Our Robust Processing Tool


Streamline your workflow: Review, analyze and process data with one tool.


Large and complex cases require that you work with reams of data that can quickly become unruly. You can spend more time managing your data than it took you to collect the information in the first place. You may have trouble finding the evidence you need, and you can even run the risk of spoilation. All this costs you and your company precious time and money.


InControl streamlines discovery and helps you process all the data and evidence without having to move between multiple systems, speeding your workflow and reducing your risk. Analyze and review data from one scalable, secure and user-friendly interface that can be customized to fit your needs. You’ll be able to start searching immediately, and your team will get to review faster.


Comprehensive features help you process native files faster and better


The robust and innovative InControl processing engine has all the features you need to process raw data quickly. The comprehensive processing tool includes features such as:


  • Domain parsing
  • Full metadata extraction
  • Container extraction
  • Native application imaging


InControl can handle much more than the common file types. You can filter and organize data by:


  • Metadata
  • Boolean operators
  • Wildcards
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Proximity
  • Concept analysis
  • Data clustering


Primary processing of the data will restore deleted files, extract archived and condensed files, and create a file level inventory. Secondary processing of the data will remove duplicate files, detect MIMEs, create an OCR scan of image files, segment by data and file type, and more.



InControl has everything you need to categorize and sort your data so that you can easily identify the most important information in the case. You get smarter insights so you can see the overarching facts in the case and create the strategy that leads to success. The InControl Processing engine integrates seamlessly with the InControl review platform, allowing you to use one system for all your data.


Get smarter insights and streamline the discovery process with the intelligent solution that puts you in control.


Access the information you need anytime, anywhere


InControl is a flexible platform that is cross-browser compatible and that can be accessed from any place at any time. The innovative technology can be installed on your own server, or you can access it in the cloud. Your team can recall the data that they need whether they are in court, investigating witnesses in the field, meeting with clients, or reviewing the case in the office.


With InControl, you are in control everywhere you are.


The platform can also be tailored to your unique needs, including custom search filters, configuration of the interface and more. Reveal Data provides round-the-clock support, ensuring that you can troubleshoot issues quickly and get the answers to any questions you have right away. Our support specialists can help you customize the platform or can provide training to team members where needed.


Save time during discovery and focus on what matters: Getting results


Timing is everything during discovery. With InControl, you get the information you need when you need it, and you improve your workflow to make the most of every minute. Call Reveal Data today at (877) 351-3282 to learn more about the InControl discovery platform and watch a demo of this innovative technology in action.

Cases Are Won In Discovery – Use Every Advantage

While this is not a new observation, it takes on a new meaning when dealing with eDiscovery. InControl puts you in control of your data.

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