eDiscovery in Corporations

As more businesses expand internationally, their corporate legal departments need an eDiscovery and investigation solution that can anticipate and address the unique requirements of discovery on all continents.

Global Availability
Reveal - ediscovery for Industry

Corporate legal departments can increase productivity and save money because Reveal Data handles data spanning the entire EDRM and uses highly sophisticated technology to reduce volumes of data involved in litigation and investigations.

Corporate legal departments can better manage costs and show value to stakeholders because Reveal Data is subscription priced. Reveal Data offers all the infrastructure, software and services and legal departments gain a predictable monthly budget. For companies that need flexibility, Reveal offers transactional pricing.

Legal departments can cut costs because they can handle more cases in-house. Reveal Data simplifies the discovery process because it is easy to use, fast and highly intuitive so that users can spend less time on every case.

Corporations can be assured that the highest global standards of security are being employed by Reveal Data, including automatic encryption, network firewalls, controlled access management, multi-factor authentication and more.

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