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InControl™ is fast, flexible and reliable software that can be installed or used as a service through one of Reveal’s trusted partners, depending on the needs of your firm. Use it throughout the e-discovery process to perform data analysis, online document review, project management and productions. The software is proprietary – there are no third party packages required to perform these tasks – and InControl™ is designed to make the users’ experience a success at each phase.

Reveal understands the demands of the billable hour, and has designed InControl™ to be accessible from everywhere, on Microsoft or Apple operating systems and across internet browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  There are no downloads or plug-ins required with InControl™, and it works the same no matter where you are accessing it – from the office or on the train over your iPad or at home – the interface does not change.

The technical architecture is nimble enough to grow with your business.  With its flexibility, Reveal’s InControl™ allows expansion with quick response; you can add users as easily as you can their need to access data. Whether you are adding servers behind your own firewall,  increasing your hosted service storage, or adding more users, InControl™ is software that grows with you through its inherent design to expand to meet business demands.

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